Michael Huxley - Travelling the world as a nurse, author and travel blogger.

Travelling to over 100 countries, Mike has been able to create a life exactly how he imagined.

About Mike

Today on the show, I am speaking with Michael Huxley. He is the founder of Bemused Backpacker a UK travel blog he has spent several years abroad travelling to over 100 different countries.

He is a published author, a qualified nurse and a world adventure.

You go back to your old life and you cant really relate to it anymore. You start to feel alienated from the place you called home.
— Mike Huxley

When coming home...

  • Emotions Mike faced - Alienated and like he didn't fit in.
  • What had changed - He didn't related to his friends anymore. He didn't want to follow the same path that most of society does.
  • Biggest Stress - The pressure to conform and settle down, especially from his parents.
  • How Mike supported himself - Thinking about the end game and what he really wanted and then started working towards that.
  • How did his mindset change - Selfish and focused on what he wanted to do.
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock
  1. You can have it all - you can have both a career and travel the world.
  2. Wherever you go - people are the same, everyone wants the same thing.
  3. The world is an amazing, safe and easy place to travel. Let go of the negativity that others portray.
  • Advise to himself for returning home - Always remeber that buying a plane ticket is very easy and there is always another place to travel to.
Travel is not just something I do away from my ‘normal’ life, it is a part of my normal life.
— Mike Huxley
Its your life, you can live it exactly how you want to live it, you’ve just got to go out and find a way to do that.
— Mike Huxley

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