What emotions you will face when returning from long term travel.

The top 6 emotions people face when experiencing Reverse Culture Shock.

Top emotions you can expect to face

  • Unease, unsettled and sadness, empty
  • Excited and happy
  • Lost, trapped, confused
  • At first it's nice to catch up with friends and family
  • Dull and boring, flat, mundane

Tips to work through these emotions.

Unease, unsettled and sadness, empty.

Tip: journal write about this, talk to those close to you, seek help, other things you can do.

Excited and happy.

Tip: embrace this feeling and emotions and really step into it. Start to find a focus that makes you want to get up for every day career, project, hobby, relationship, lifestyle.

Lost, trapped, confused.

Tip: determine where this feeling is coming from may be through Journal write, meditation, turn inwards for answers. What area of your life do you feel this way career, finance, relationships, health.

At first it's nice to catch up with friends and family.

Tip: don’t let this be the only place. Meet them where they are at and don’t expect that everyone will relate and understand your experience. Be interested in what they have been doing in their life whilst you have been away.

Tip: know that some relationships will change, continue to seek new relationships and friendships with like minded people, it is something you would have done on your time abroad so keep embracing it. Know that you too have changed a great deal so some relationships will change. It’s ok to let go of relationships that no longer serve you.

Dull and boring, flat, mundane

Tip: find a focus, seek newness in your own home, how can you bring inspirations from your travels into your home life, adventure every day.


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