Gratitude and richness in life with Ronnie Oliech.

Ronnie grew up in Kenya and moved to Australia to start a new life. He continued to face his fears and step into his highest potential.


About Ronnie

Ronnie is a Body & Lifestyle Transformation Expert, qualified fitness trainer, ex Queensland firefighter and holds a bachelor of applied biology. Originally from Kenya, Ronnie moved to Australia with his partner at the time to create a new life for himself. He found himself in a new country and a culture where he felt he had to start his entire life again. So he did just that.

One day Ronnie decided he need a change and to step into the person he knew he was, he drove the length of Australia to arrive in Melbourne to start fresh. Ronnie now helps high achievers, business owners and career professionals achieve permanent weight loss & build confidence without the pain of dieting & wasting time at the gym.

Tomorrow is not promised and we should live our best life.
— Ronnie Oliech

In the episode...

  • Ronnie is able to look at life from a different angle every time he travels.

  • His last trip was to Hawaii where he was for around a month. They were faced with a bomb scare which made him realised that tomorrow is not promised and that we should live our best life.

  • Ronnie was challenged with a divorce when he was first came to Australia. This was something so foreign to Ronnie. After this he made some drastic changes in his life for the better.

  • The way Ronnie started to patch his life together with all different types of jobs before opening his business.

  • How Ronnie has had to break free from an environment that no longer served him and how being adventurous has really helped him.

  • How Ronnie met his wife through someone he met on Tinder.

  • Ronnie believes in the mantra of “Easy choices… hard life, hard choices.. easy life.”

  • How the environment that Ronnie was living in in far north Queensland was not what he wanted and he knew he had to change his surrounds.

  • Ronnie believed in himself, he knew his potential and he was grounded in hope, this was a foundation that really helped him to make the hard decisions.

  • Ronnie knew he would be coming to Australia full time and this was his first ever flight. He knew it was like he was completely starting a new life.

  • Even navigating his trip to Australia, through the airport, speaking with people along the way, it seemed so scary.

  • Prior to coming to Australia he felt so rich in his life, rich in material things.

  • Adapting to a new social life was a very big culture shock for Ronnie.

  • Every time Ronnie is faced with a fear, he confronts it which gives him more confidence and he knows that continuing to do this he will always be able to face his fears.

  • After growing up in a country where you had to eat everything he feels so grateful for the life he lives and says a pray every single day for his life.

  • All your choices are based in love or fear so make more choices from a place of love.

  • Traveling home makes Ronnie feel nostalgic and now feels very rich. He is reminded of how lucky he is and how loved he is.

  • When returning home Ronnie feels so grateful as he sees the contrast in people who have nothing (and feel so happy) and to people who have so much (but can’t be happy).

  • Ronnie believes that growing up with nothing has helped cultivate his mentality of gratitude.

  • He believes that too many children grow up 'being given the fish, rather than teaching them how to fish.’

  • Ronnie suggests for people who want to travel to get out of their comfort zone as this is where you can learn great lessons in life.

  • Ronnie talks about how dangerous stress is and the roll on effect it has.

  • How developing good habits are the most important thing in your life.

Why Ronnie continue to seek out travels and adventures? The lessons and experiences that he has had from his past travels and knowing how much it has changed his life keeps him continuing to travel for more adventures.

We need challenge as humans, to learn and grow.
— Ronnie Oliech


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