Aligning her life through travel and school bus living with Laura Banks

Laura sold her house and left her corporate job to get the most out of living her life. She now lives on a school bus and runs her own business as a life coach, continually being an example for her clients to show them how getting outside their comfort zone leads to a truly rewarding life.

About Laura

Laura is an internationally certified coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner for humans who are ready to let go of their limitations and live into their potential.
 Her unique approach to creating powerful and lasting transformation can be summed up as mindset, magic and mechanics. 

Mindset focuses on subconscious transformation, helping release the deep-seated beliefs, habits, thoughts and emotions that are holding you back, then re-wiring your brain with new programs. 

Magic is about learning how to connect with and trust your truth - your intuition.

And mechanics is about taking the inner and outer action to create a life and business on your terms, one that feels good AND gets results.

After a car accident Laura went on a journey to become the sort of person she wanted to be and live a life she wanted to live – not the life she thought she ‘had’ to live.

Now, she loves challenging herself to get out of her comfort zone, which has seen her compete in a half-ironman triathlon, get a mystery haircut and convert a bus into a tiny home with her husband.

To be living this lifestyle [on the bus] was a huge step outside my comfort zone.
— Laura Banks

In the episode...

  • Laura’s first experience of travel was when she went to Japan on a school exchange.

  • She was originally going to travel to Japan but ended up meeting a ‘Kiwi’ and moved to New Zealand instead.

  • Laura has had many variations of stepping out of her comfort zone whilst travelling and the first was moving to New Zealand where she only knew her partner Matt.

  • Laura uses travel as a way to look at her values and they way she lives her life at home.

  • Laura and her partner Matt sold their house, brought a bus which they renovated and moved into to live in.

  • Minimalism was not originally part of something they had intended however it happened naturally when they moved into the school bus.

  • They get out and about every week in the bus to explore Tasmania.

  • Laura does have to think about all the challenges such as where to park the bus, emptying the composting toilet and managing transport to work.

  • Traditionally in her family they followed the ‘normal’ way of life and so living this style of life was outside her comfort zone however she always likes to ‘get outside her comfort zone.’

  • Laura was concerned that she would let her parents down when she would tell them they had sold their house and brought a bus to live in.

  • When they share their lifestyle with others, Laura recognises that their lives challenges others to think about the way they live their life.

  • Laura shares that the big changes were really just a collection of small steps towards something that she wanted.

Why Laura continue to seek out travel and live abroad? Because of the potential and possibilities that travel can bring in you and your life.

You can just do YOU in the world
— Laura Banks



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Welcome to Season 2.

Welcome to Season 2.

Welcome back to season 2 of the Wanderlusters Mind podcast. Im so thrilled to be back with you in 2019 and I have some amazing chats lined up for you hear on the show.

This year Im taking a slightly different angle on the podcast and I’ll be chatting to my guests about their incredible adventures and travels and the lessons, insights, learnings and growth that they have had from them. I believe travel and adventure is an incredible catalyst for growth and transformation and my aim is to share those stories with you here on the show.

Thank you and wrapping up 2018

Thank you and wrapping up 2018

Taking a look back on 2018 and thank you all for your continued support. Thank you to all my guests, listeners and supporters.

I was honoured to learn that The Wanderlusters Mind podcast was nominated as a finalist in the Beautiful You Awards in the category of Podcast/Book/Product.