Welcome to Season 2.

Season 2 of the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast is about to begin. Sit back, relax and come along for the adventures.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to season 2 of the Wanderlusters Mind podcast. Im so thrilled to be back with you in 2019 and I have some amazing chats lined up for you hear on the show.

This year Im taking a slightly different angle on the podcast and I’ll be chatting to my guests about their incredible adventures and travels and the lessons, insights, learnings and growth that they have had from them. I believe travel and adventure is an incredible catalyst for growth and transformation and my aim is to share those stories with you here on the show.

I was honoured to learn that The Wanderlusters Mind podcast was nominated as a finalist in the Beautiful You Awards in the category of Podcast/Book/Product and the winners will be announced in March. Ill be keeping you up to date with the results.

Thank you to all my guests, listeners and supporters for making this show so incredible.