Rocio Cadena - A travel writer from Mexico now living in South Korea

Travel writer and english teacher, Rocio was born in Mexico, grew up in the U.S., studied in Italy and now lives in South Korea.

About Rocia

Rocio is a Mexican-American writer and editor based in South Korea. She writes about all types and elements of culture, in-depth social issues, lifestyle and travel.

She grew up in Mexico and at the age of 11 moved to Chicago. She spent a semester abroad studying in Italy at universe and has returned to Chicago on a several occasions but now calls South Korea home.

Just because our friendship has transitioned into something new it does not take away from the beautiful memories we have made already.
— Rocio Cadena

When coming home...

  • Emotions Rocio faced - going to an alternate reality that she had left behind. Disorienting. Comforting as if she hadn't missed out on anything.
  • What had changed - Not much it seemed as though her friends were still doing the same things.
  • How Rocio supported herself - Kept in contact with friends from Korea, learned that relationships and friendships changed.
  • How did her mindset change - Nothing is good or bad its just the value we assign to it.
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock
  1. Adaptable and Flexible.
  2. Outlook and attitude and how we choose to handle things.
  3. Be vulnerable and open with ourselves and others.
  • Advise to herself for returning home - Don't resist what arrises, feelings or thoughts, just feel them. Challenges are good, dont run away from these times, lean into them and you will grow and evolve.
Its so important to be open and share whatever we are going through, especially if we are going through a difficult patch because people are happy to help as long as we let them know.
— Rocio Cadena


You have to be adaptable and flexible if your not you break, if your flexible your going to bend instead because life is unexpected we control very little of it.
— Rocio Cadena

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