Responsible tourism and accessing inner wisdom with Bianca Caruana

Bianca Caruana AKA the altruistic traveller has left Australia on three separate occasions, she now shares her knowledge of we can all travel in a more ethical way.

About Bianca

Bianca is a freelance journalist & sustainable tourism blogger from Sydney, Australia specialising in stories that ignite thoughts surrounding compassion, ethics and the happiness of all beings. She travels the world as a digital nomad with the aim to promote ethical values and give a voice to those who are making the world a better place.

Bianca left Sydney for the third time in October 2018, committing to full-time travel as a digital nomad. This means that she had no single home, her home is where her backpack and heart rest. Bianca wanders from place to place, working online and connecting with local communities, offering her storytelling skills and connections in the social and environmental impact space. 

While Nepal may seem chaotic from the outside, actually from the inside people are quite happy and peaceful and patient and going with the flow.
— Bianca Caruana

In the episode...

  • How places like Nepal can seem so chaotic on the outside yet the people are at peace where as many places in the western world like Australia can be opposite Chaotic on the inside and looking at peace on the outside.

  • How anxiety can seem to be so much more common in the world and in youth today.

  • Bianca’s experience of when she was stuck in traffic on a bus in Nepal and how it made her thing about being in the present moment.

  • How we make a ‘catastrophe’ of things that really are not that big of a deal!

  • How travel has taught her about change and how beautiful it is and how she can let go of fear.

  • There are so many things that are removed when we travel on our own which is why it can be a great vehicle for self inquiry.

  • When coming home, it can feel like an identity crisis. Bianca finds it hard to use her wisdom when returning as she feels challenged by the ‘chaotic’ energy of home?

  • Confronting her physical fear of riding a scooter and how she did it.

  • The importance of using the right words such as “I cant” or “I can.”

  • Some ways that travellers can lower their negative environmental and social impacts on countries when they travel abroad.

  • Bianca’s advise for people who are holding back from travelling is that its so much easier than it seems. Also really understanding what your reason for travel is.

Rapid fire round

  1. The last place Bianca visited - Bali

  2. A place Bianca- Ko Pha-ngan, Thailand

  3. Scariest place travelled to - India’s North

  4. Favourite thing about travel - Meeting incredible trip

  5. Bianca’s next destination - Nepal

Why Bianca continue to seek out travel and adventure? The wisdom and knowledge that she is able to access from others.

The best thing about travel is that it puts you in a scenario where you really get the chance to do self-reflection.
— Bianca Caruana


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