Living in Spain and the complexity of the english language with Dani Jauregui.

Dani went to Spain on a study abroad program, she returned many times and now lives there and teaches English. She loves diving deep into the complexity of the english language.

About Dani

Dani is a Spain aficionado who first discovered the country she now calls home, during a study abroad semester in Alicante, Spain. While studying a double major in Sociology and Hispanic Studies at a small, liberal arts school (Illinois Wesleyan University), Dani was incredibly encouraged to study abroad and she hasn’t looked back since. Danis life since her graduation has been primarily lived abroad.

I realise how little we pay attention to our own language and our own culture until we have this opportunity to see the differences from another one.
— Dani Jauregui

In the episode...

  • Dani went to study in Spain and loved the country so much that she returned for more study. She continued to return to Spain and now lives and works in Granada.

  • Dani feels confident with the language and spent a lot of time in Spanish speaking countries so has not really felt outside of her comfort zone.

  • There has been so many lessons she has learned along the way and has loved learning from the students she is teaching.

  • How little we pay attention to our own language until we have to explain it and use it with others.

  • The way we use our words and our language and how it can be used in a more empowering way.

  • Dani now tries to apply this in her own language so she is speaking in a more empowered way.

  • Dani teaches mostly in English so does not often pick up the other languages through the teaching process.

  • How some countries and cultures give words to particular things which takes a while to explain as the English language has not given this ‘thing’ a word.

  • When Dani returned back to the United States she feels as there is conflicting energy as some people haven’t changed as she has. She also notes that you have missed out on so much of their life and that it is hard to find your place.

  • Dani thinks that sometimes her friends from home might not want to talk about the life they have been living aboard. Her friends have been able to see what her life is like on social media but may not be interested in learning the details.

  • Danis mindset has changed and she initially adopted the ‘no-passa nada’ attitude which can be translated to ‘its all fine, just go with the flow!’ But agrees that sometimes its not that easy to live in that mentality when you are setting up your life in a different country.

  • The advise Dani would give to people who are thinking of traveling, studying or living in a new country is use the resources that are out there to meet people ahead of time, in particular the local people.

Rapid fire round

  1. The last place Dani visited - Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain.

  2. A place Dani tells everyone to travel to - Granada, Spain.

  3. Scariest place travelled to - Dani has not felt scared in any place she has travelled to.

  4. Favourite thing about travel - Meeting the people.

  5. Dani’s next destination - Valencia, Spain.

Why Dani continue to seek out travel and live abroad? She likes to keep things interesting rather than falling into a routine. She likes to discover and get excited about the world.

It says so much about a culture, the things that they have bothered to give a word to and the things that maybe we didn’t.
— Dani Jauregui



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