Shining as your true self with Danielle Knight

Danielle Knight has grown up travelling the world which has lead her to understand why its always so important to be unapologetically yourself.

About Danielle

Danielle Knight is your go-to girl for adventurous, wild + soulful living. As a Life + Soul Coach, Travel Mentor, and host of The Sip + Soul Podcast she's on a mission to empower her fellow dreamers, seekers and gypsy souls to unlock their potential, believe in themselves + confidently do, be, have, and experience all they desire, on their own terms. Danielle fuses her experience from traveling the world for the last 10 years with her coaching skills to help others break free and connect with themselves, their passions and one another. 

It’s a lot easier when your travelling to make new friends because everyone is in that zone but its hard when you come back home and everyone is in their normal routine.
— Danielle Knight

When coming home...

  • Emotions and differences Danielle faced - Not loose herself in the process of integrating as she didn’t realise she would stay for so long. Things are familiar and the same which is different to when you travel where everything is new and exciting. Not experiencing as much diversity as in her travels.

  • What had changed for Danielle - There was a big contrast in her friendship groups and what their interests and experiences were.

  • How Danielle supported herself - Went to workshops and events that resonated with her and put herself out there to create a community and network. Used Meet up to find new friends. Allow yourself to shine and be the person you want to be, if not you risk not attracting the people who you ultimately want to connect with.

  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock

  1. To be unapologetically myself - there is no such thing as normal or one way to do things.

  2. The power of connection with other humans.

  3. The value of giving back and sharing your life in someway with others - being involved in stuff that matters to you.

  • Advise to herself for returning home - Just breath, dont be in a rush to have all the answers, trust the opportunities that come and put one foot in front of the other.

You have to be vulnerable and brave enough to show all the parts of yourself.
— Danielle Knight

Abby Lewtas

Hi I'm Abby, Adventurer, Life coach, Speaker and Blogger.

After a successful sporting career I now love sharing what I have learned from my adventures and traveling the world.

I believe in turning into your adventurous life through your intuition and the little nudges from the universe.

Lets share the adventure. xo