Stop pursuing happiness and start living it now.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Cure destination addiction and the PURSUIT of happiness.

Beware of destination addiction, a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job or with the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.
— Robert Holden

Are you PURSUING happiness or are you actually LIVING it?

So many people lead themselves to believe that happiness (success, joy, love) is in the future and they become addicted to chasing that feeling. How would you know if you're pursuing happiness instead of living it? Think about these questions...

  • Is there always a 'pinnacle event' on your calendar that you are looking forward too more so than anything else?
  • Do you always feel busy?
  • After a big exciting event in your life, do you fall into a mild sense of depression that you can't shake?
  • Do you have so many plans, forecasts, projections about what you want for your future, but you're not enjoying the process of bringing them to life?

Falling into these ways of thinking and living can be so easy especially if we are not aware that we are doing so. You must learn to stop placing everything that makes you happy in your future and outside of your control.

How can you cure destination addiction and the PURSUIT of happiness?

I'll be the first person to tell you that I still fall into the destination addiction trap from time to time. As with any addiction, I believe it all begins with regaining control of your mindset. So Here are some actions that I have applied to my life to help me feel happy NOW!

  • Apply personal daily practices to help get present. E.g. Active stretching routine, meditation, exercise, get into nature.
  • Think and FEEL about what in your life excites you right NOW?
  • Tune in to what is actually going on for you in your life right now.
  • Create awareness around your thoughts and actively choose a positive mindset for yourself. Choose to feel happy for no reason.
  • Stop placing your happiness in things external to yourself...your relationship, your job or your next exciting holiday. Just create it now - it is a choice.
  • Consciously set your day up for happiness and success.

Remember you always have a choice on how you show up. Your situation in life may not be picture perfect or your ideal. Let go of that mindset and start focusing in on your life and how you can be and feel happy now.

Drop the idea that happiness and success is something that will come to you at the end of the road, the top of the mountain, when the championship rolls around when you reach that goal, that next holiday or you finally nail that job you wanted.


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